Tom_HappymainTHE FOUNDER and editor of All Together NOW! is included in the Independent on Sunday’s seventh annual Happy List.

Tom Dowling, who was shot and paralysed by bandits in Iran 40 years ago, is among 100 people from all over the UK who, without thought of personal gain, give back and help others, rather than themselves.

Founded as an antidote to all thee rich lists and celebrity lists, the Happy List celebrates a different set of values, embracing those who start charities, help troubled youngsters, give huge amounts of time to volunteering and raising money, foster children, care for wildlife, and much more.

Tom said: “I’m flattered and honoured that somebody has chosen us for this. It’s great that the paper is getting national recognition. We’re all delighted.

“It is also a fantastic tribute to our small band of sponsors and partners, without whom we would just not exist.”

About half a million people across the North West currently read All Together NOW! which is filled with articles for anyone living with disability, long-term health conditions or age related issues.

Set up in 2004 as a registered charity, All Together NOW! is financed through grants and donations, including from Wolverhampton Wanderers football club owner Steve Morgan, and Tranmere Rovers owner Peter Johnson, whose high street vouchers company Park Group is among the regular advertisers.

Water giant United Utilities and Liverpool Community Health Trust also support the charity.

Tom added: “Newspapers are vital to lots of people, particularly for elderly and disabled people who don’t have access to the internet.

“Most of our readers rely on All Together NOW! to give them news, information and opportunities that they wouldn’t get in any other paper.

“There is so much potential to develop the paper – perhaps even across the UK – but to do so we need more support.

“If we could team up with a major supermarket chain, who could help distribute the paper, there’s no telling how far we could go and how many people we could help.”

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