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UK’s first high ropes course for wheelchair users

THE UK’s first high ropes course for wheelchair users has been set up in the Lake District

Paralympic wheelchairs help Vincent and DaVinci Mobility to strike gold

WHILE millions of eyes are on the amazing Paralympians in Rio, one man in Liverpool is absolutely focused on the wheelchairs they are using!

All aboard the bus – unless you’re in a wheelchair!

WHEELCHAIR users are frequently facing problems getting on to buses, leaving many people stranded at bus stops, says a leading disability charity.

Why can’t we just get on a train?

TWO-THIRDS of disabled people say they would be more likely to use trains more frequently if they could turn up and go, rather than booking assistance ahead of their journey.

Otto Bock on marks for Paralympics 2012

A TEAM of top technicians from one the world’s leading healthcare companies, Otto Bock, will be on hand to help all 4,200 athletes at next year’s Paralympic Games.