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Help us to make All Together NOW! even better! SIX £25...

For 14 fantastic years All Together NOW! has been helping huge numbers of people. Now, we need some help ourselves … We rely heavily on...

Can you help make the music sound better?

DO YOU use a hearing aid, enjoy music – and want to help improve the sound quality? Well, here’s your chance. Dr Alinka Greasley, at...

Why do you think wheelchair users aren’t joining in?

CALLING all wheelchair users – here’s your chance to help make things better in sport.

It’s getting worse all the time, say disabled workers

TWO-THIRDS of disabled people who are in work feel their financial situation has worsened in the last year, says a new survey.

Restaurants urged to be more ‘friendly’

PEOPLE affected by autism are calling for restaurants, supermarkets and leisure centres to become more accessible to people with autism.