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Disabled people need to be better informed about Covid-19

LEADING disability charities are challenging the Government over significant concerns about the accessibility of public health information in relation to coronavirus, and the risk this poses to disabled people and the nation.

Forgotten . . . the 1.7m disabled families

THREE in four families caring for disabled adults felt they had been forgotten about during the lockdown – and received no information about their support and care being reduced prior to it happening.

New £62m funding makes real Sense

THE Government’s decision to give £62 million towards helping to discharge people with learning disabilities or autism into the community has been welcomed by national disability charity Sense.

We need urgent help, say charities

SOME of the UK's major disability charities – and many smaller ones –could face closure unless they get immediate Government help.

Queen’s Speech: Government blasted for not focusing on disability

DEAFBLIND charity Sense has raised concerns at the Government’s lack of focus on breaking down barriers and building opportunities for disabled people.

EastEnders star June battles sight and hearing loss

DEAFBLIND charity Sense has responded to the news that EastEnders actress June Brown is battling deafness — just months after admitting she is losing her sight.

Make it a holiday to remember

FANCY helping someone who is deafblind to have a holiday they’ll remember forever? Here’s your chance . . .