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Amputees wanted for new research at Roehampton

AMPUTEES are wanted to take part in extensive new research to help understand and improve movement for people with below-the-knee amputations.

Hammond gets into gear for Spinal Research broadcast

TOP GEAR presenter Richard Hammond is supporting Spinal Research by fronting a BBC Lifeline appeal to raise funds for the charity.

Painkillers may prolong life, say researchers

COMMONLY used painkillers like ibuprofen do not increase the risk of heart attack in the elderly population – and may even prolong life...

Minister addresses dementia scientists

HEALTH Minister Phil Hope will today address the Alzheimer’s Research Trust’s conference in Southampton, the UK’s largest ever gathering of dementia scientists. In...

600 children wanted for major asthma study

THE biggest ever study to investigate whether its possible to prevent children with hay fever going on to develop asthma is now underway...