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Give us your information – and our bills – in print,...

MORE charities representing disabled and older people are backing a national campaign to get organisations to revert to sending information via print, rather than relying entirely on the Internet.

Internet’s shock disability figures

DISABLED people are less likely to have used the internet than non-disabled people in every age group, according to a new report from the Office for National Statistics.

Only four in ten disabled people use the Internet

ONLY four in ten of disabled people use the internet – and the majority of websites continue to fail to meet the legal minimum standards of accessibility.

Four million disabled people unconnected

MORE than 8 million people in the UK are still not connected to the internet - and HALF are people with a disability!

Free Internet classes for blind people

BLIND and partially-sighted computer users around England are getting a free taste of what the Internet can offer, thanks to a series...