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Tag: Diabetes

Every mother’s worst nightmare

SEEING your child suffering from a severe illness, and not being able to do a thing about it, is every mother’s worst nightmare.

Steve Morgan’s £3m donation for diabetes cure

THE Steve Morgan Foundation has gifted £3 million to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, an international charity dedicated to finding a cure for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Older people with diabetes are being ‘overlooked’

OLDER people with diabetes are being “let down” and “overlooked” by the system – prompting new international guidance outlining a ground-breaking model for how they should be treated.

New ap sounds perfect for people with diabetes

PEOPLE with diabetes can now manage every aspect of their condition – using their mobile phone.

One million people keep their diabetes a secret

NEARLY one million people in the UK could be risking their health and experiencing emotional distress by keeping their diabetes a secret, according to a survey by leading health charity Diabetes UK.

‘False economy’ as 200 diabetes nurses jobs go

MORE than 200 diabetes specialist nurse positions remain unfilled – twice the figure reported in 2009, says Diabetes UK.

How life can suddenly change forever . . .

DIABETES is something other people get … Something you never imagine that one day could turn your life upside down. But diabetes can strike at any time, leaving people of all ages with life-long challenges and, in some, cases very serious health issues including amputations, heart problems and strokes.