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WARNING: Chaos ahead for Blue Badge holders!

EXTENDING the Blue Badge scheme to people with hidden disabilities could have disastrous consequences for all Blue Badge holders, especially wheelchair users, say Disabled Motoring UK.

Blue Badges extended for hidden disabilities

PEOPLE with hidden disabilities, including autism and mental health conditions will soon have access to Blue Badges, removing the barriers many face to travel.

Councils must do more to stamp out Blue Badge abuse

COUNCILS across the UK are being urged to do more to enforce the Blue Badge Scheme, which give parking concessions to disabled people.

Blue badge help for disabled drivers going to Europe

DRIVING in Europe can be a stressful prospect for anyone, but negotiating local parking laws and finding an accessible space when you're a disabled driver or have a disabled passenger can create additional frustration. Fear not. Help is on the way!

Blue Badge Parking

IT’S CERTAINLY got its good points — but there’s no doubt about it, the Blue Badge Parking Scheme is definitely in need of...

Europe by car

TAKE your passport and your Blue Badge! Blue Badges are recognised throughout the member countries of the European Union (EU). Concessions vary, but you get the...