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Government ‘ignores’ concerns on disability benefit reform

THE GOVERNMENT has refused to listen to the voices of thousands of disabled people who raised concerns over its disability living allowance (DLA) reforms, say campaigners.

New benefit will not be means tested, says Minister

DISABILITY minister Maria Miller has confirmed the new Personal Independence Payment that will be phased in during 2013-14 to replace Disability Living Allowance will also be non-means tested.

Out in the cold – Franklin’s protest over benefits’ axe

ON THE eve of the second reading of the Government’s controversial Welfare Reform Bill, on March 9, disabled activist Kaliya Franklin stripped off to demonstrate what the result would be for disabled people across the UK if disability benefits are slashed to the bare minimum.

Panorama team film at Warrington centre

BBC’s Panorama team – including former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips – spent a morning at Warrington Disability Partnerships Centre for Independent Living as part of an investigation into the services available to unemployed people aged 50 and over.

Universal Credit: ‘Huge numbers of families will suffer’

HUNDREDS of thousands of families trying to save for the future will be left with little or no financial support under the Government's proposed overhaul of welfare benefits, according to leading think tank the Social Market Foundation.

Cuts to disability benefits ‘risk widespread poverty’ say TUC

CUTS to Disability Living Allowance will leave disabled people, their carers and their children in poverty, says TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber.

Welfare Reform Bill published today

THE GOVERNMENT’S Welfare Reform Bill – the biggest shake up of the system for 60 years – is published today.