Super streptocarpus Minnie

BE AMONG the first to grow three new streptocarpus houseplants by winning this competition.

We are offering six £25 prize packages, each containing the three new varieties – launched this year – plus three beautiful well established kinds.

The plants come from Dibleys Nurseries, the leading breeder and grower of streptocarpus and other indoor plants, based at Llanelidan, Ruthin, North Wales, who have won gold medals at the world-famous Chelsea Flower Show for nearly 30 years.

Streptocarpus – streps for short – are among the most spectacular houseplants in recent years, flowering for up to 10 months in a wide range of shades and colours.

The three new streps are Minnie, a compact plant bearing vivid purple blooms with deeper veining; Sadie, which has delicate shell-pink flowers with a cream throat lined with red; and Gold Rose, with smaller but exceptionally prolific flowers in a breath-taking combination of colours – deep rose-pink and gold, with delicate flecks and veins.

The prize packs are completed with Albatross, which has pure white blooms with a yellow eye; Rose Halo, producing masses of striking white flowers, each with a deep pink rim; and Charlotte, pale blue with a large golden eye.

The prize streps are sent as young plants with full cultural directions.

To enter the competition, answer this question:

How long can streptocarpus flower?

email your entry with your name and address to

Please insert STREPS in the subject line.

Closing date: Friday May 25

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