RUSSELL_GRANTARIES March 21st – April 20th

The early days of March are ideal for meeting someone special. Don’t bother blending in with the crowd, stand out and shine. The secret of your allure is a distinctive appearance. The Full Moon on the 5th will mark the end of a difficult period. The results will be mixed, which is disappointing, but it can’t be helped. You can’t please all the people all the time. Your love life will blossom and bloom like spring flowers mid-month, but your work will suffer. Don’t be surprised if your boss starts taking you to task for leaving on time and doing the bare minimum. Fortunately, the Solar Eclipse on the 20th brings an exciting career opportunity. Working behind the scenes at a hospital, university, or government agency works well for you. Your financial situation will improve dramatically towards the end of March. Take care to put a portion of your income into a savings account or your boosted bank balance will soon disappear.

TAURUS April 21st – May 21st

Spending time on your own will refresh your energy in early March. Sneak off to some secluded beauty spot that has always inspired you. Even waking up early to watch the Sun rise will prove therapeutic. The Full Moon on the 5th brings an angry conclusion to a relationship matter. You may decide a lover’s demands are excessive, or that you’re just not ready for a romance just yet. Things will settle down during the second half of the month, when your charm, wit and good looks will attract a legion of admirers. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th is perfect for launching a group effort, joining a humanitarian organisation or helping a charitable fund raising effort. Don’t be surprised when a respected authority figure develops a crush on you as March turns into April. The two of you will make an impressive power couple. Do you already have a lover? Then take a romantic trip together.

GEMINI May 22nd – June 21st

You’ll be feeling restless at the beginning of March, but resist the urge to schedule a trip. You’ll just have to cancel when a pressing obligation occurs. Fortunately, friends will be a welcome diversion while you’re stuck at home. Be sure to attend a big surprise party. You’ll have a lot more fun than you expect. The Full Moon on the 5th will force you to scale back work in favour of domestic responsibilities. Be realistic about how you schedule your time. It won’t be possible to carry a heavy workload this month. Fortunately, your boss will be receptive to your suggestions after the 13th. Schedule important career talks after this date. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th invites you to apply for a position that becomes available quite unexpectedly. This is your chance to move up the ladder of success. This job will have significant fringe benefits. Your social life picks up as March melts into April.

CANCER June 22nd – July 23rd

A raise, promotion, or well paid position will be offered to you in the beginning of March. Your star is on the rise. The Full Moon on the 5th warns against hasty communications. Bite your tongue instead of making sarcastic jokes. The last thing you want to do is insult someone who could be a powerful ally. You’ll be put in charge of an unusual project in the first half of the month. Your unorthodox management style will prove effective. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th will find you taking an overseas trip. This unexpected journey will prove extremely romantic. If you’re in a relationship, be sure to take your partner along. Spending more time with friends will brighten your mood as March turns into April. Be sure to attend as many parties during this exciting period as possible. All eyes will be on you. This calls for a shopping expedition.

LEO July 24th – August 23rd

Your broad minded optimism attracts lots of fans in early March. Don’t be surprised if you’re given an opportunity to study abroad or publish a book. The Full Moon on the 5th forces you to take a second look at your budget. You’ll have to make a few adjustments to cover increased expenses. A mentor will push you to expand your horizons at mid-month. You would be wise to follow this advice. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th brings an unexpected windfall. Put a good chunk of this money into savings, where it will protect you against financial uncertainty. A romance with someone who is much older or younger spices up the final days of the month. The two of you have lots to teach each other. If you’re already in a relationship, encourage your partner to develop their artistic talent. Your support will prompt your amour to reach a whole new level of success.

VIRGO August 24th – September 23rd

Your love life will sizzle with excitement as March gets underway. Don’t expect much cooperation from colleagues, who will be annoyed by your dreamy expression. It’s hard to focus on work when you’re falling deeper and deeper in love. The Full Moon on the 5th makes it difficult to find time for yourself. It’s important to put your needs first, even at the risk of having an argument. Your best friend or lover will simply have to fare for themselves while you do the things you enjoy. A close relationship will get stronger at mid-month, when the two of you join forces on a creative project. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th will prompt you to launch a romance, business venture, or both. Two heads are much better than one on this magical day. Creating a budget is strongly advised towards the end of the month, when your financial priorities will change.

LIBRA September 24th – October 23rd

A hidden benefactor will come to the rescue with a domestic matter in early March. Don’t be surprised if someone gives you an inside tip on a property or investment deal. Taking advantage of this offer will result in a big, spacious home that is quite affordable. The Full Moon on the 5th brings an unpleasant secret to the fore. You will look at a colleague in a whole new light after this news comes out. An intimate relationship becomes a lot more serious during the second half of March. It looks like you and your amour are on the verge of making a serious commitment. If you already have a partner, they will come in to some extra money, which will benefit you. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th brings a fabulous work assignment. Getting paid to be creative is an answer to a prayer. The final days of March are perfect for adding decorative touches to your home.

SCORPIO October 24th – November 22nd

A promotion or high profile job will be awarded to you quite suddenly in early March. It’s good to know you have the confidence of your superiors. The Full Moon on the 5th tears you away from an attentive lover. Although you’d rather be locked in your amour’s arms, it’s better to attend a special occasion for your best friend. You’ll be able to quit a bad habit on or around the 6th, thanks to your terrific willpower. Resist the urge to do battle with a colleague in mid-March, or it will become impossible to do your work. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th is perfect for falling in love, getting engaged, or launching an art project. The final days of March will prove romantic, when your partner gives you a fabulous gift. Are you single? This is a great time to post a provocative profile on an online dating site.

SAGITTARIUS November 23rd – December 21st

Try not to take jokes too personally. The New Moon on the 18th forces you to be more realistic about a family matter. If a relative needs extra care or a different living arrangement, you will have some work to do. The end of February is perfect for spending quality time with your relatives.
Beware of promising more than you can deliver in the first days of March. Unexpected delays will force you to cancel a commitment. Extraordinary romantic luck is coming your way on the 3rd. If you’re looking for love, you will find it in an unusual place. If you’re already in a relationship, your amour will have some exciting news that benefits you both. The Full Moon on the 5th forces you to spend more time away from home than you would like. Career demands will require you to put in long hours at the office. If you’re out of work, you may get disappointing news about a job you wanted. Keep your chin up; better times are ahead. An opportunity to travel, write, or teach will arrive in mid-March. The Solar Eclipse on the 20th is perfect for finding a more spacious home or adding a member to your household.

CAPRICORN December 22nd – January 20th

The beginning of March augurs very well for your home life. If you’re looking for a place to live, search an up and coming neighbourhood. You could find a spacious place for an incredibly good price. Are you already happy with your abode? Think about making improvements to the bathroom or kitchen. Modern conveniences will add tremendous value to the place. The Full Moon on the 5th warns against getting into religious or political discussions. Although you’re offended by someone’s beliefs, you won’t be able to change them. It’s better to agree to disagree. Fighting will just undermine your reputation and make everyone around miserable. You will have to reconsider a spiritual matter in mid-March. Be willing to back away from a limiting philosophy. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th will prompt you to sign up for an art class. Developing your creativity will boost your self esteem and bring hidden talents to the surface.

AQUARIUS January 21st – February 19th

Practice humility throughout the early days of March. A wonderful teacher will come forward to help you. Turning away their assistance will be a terrible waste. Open yourself to new ideas. Working with a group will allow you to turn a good idea into a great one. You’re sure to get some valuable feedback from the quirkiest members of the group. The Full Moon on the 5th forces you to dig down deep to pay a bill. You’ll have to be extra frugal throughout the rest of March. Big changes will impact your social circle on the 17th, forcing you to reassess several friendships. Prepare for some shocking secrets to come to light. A plum position will be offered on the 20th, when a Solar Eclipse improves your financial prospects. This job will give you an extra measure of freedom, which is a relief. The closing days of March are ideal for domestic pursuits of all kinds.

PISCES February 20th – March 20th

A lucrative job will fall in your lap in the opening days of March. The Full Moon on the 5th forces you to make some sacrifices for a neglected lover. If you’re single, it may be because you are unrealistic about how much time an intimate relationship requires. Money will come in quite quickly during the first half of March. Resist the urge to go on a wild shopping spree. You’re better off putting your earnings where they will work for you. You’ll be given a greater measure of freedom at work in mid-March, when a boss is too busy to monitor your progress. A Solar Eclipse on the 20th is ideal for transforming your appearance. Now is the time to get a salon treatment, cosmetic procedure, or dental work. Keep your mobile charged as March turns to April, because you’ll be fielding a lot of calls. That’s the price you have to pay for being popular.