Time to be positive, says round-the-world endurance cyclist Josh

ROUND-the-world endurance cyclist Josh Quigley, 29, knows what it's like to face adversity. Severe bouts of depression led to him trying to take his own life. Thankfully, he is finding a way through it all ...

Exercise at home – and in your chair!

WHEELCHAIR users wanting to get – or keep – fit during the pandemic can pick up some top FREE tips with these excellent series of videos from the Wheelpower charity.

Jamie’s super static bike ride for friend, Rob

WHEN university lecturer Jamie Mosley heard that his friend, Rob Burrows, had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease he got on his static bike and peddled, and peddled and peddled – for 30 hours!

Man U Foundation’s cash for charities

EVERY Manchester United Supporters' Club – from Nottingham to New York and Dublin to Delhi – are to offered up to £1,000 to help youth-focused charities in their area respond to the Covid-19 crisis.

Hannah’s determined to break down the barriers

PARALYMPIC world-record holder Hannah Cockroft blames rising expectations and a lack of early opportunities for the alarming decline in disability sport participation.

Sport is helping me overcome spinal injury

BEN WIMBUSH on how sport is helping him to cope with the living with spinal cord injury.

Southern glory in snooker championships

THREE of the top North West snooker players basked in the glory at the 360Fizz UK Disability Snooker Championships.

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