large button phoneOrganisations involved in developing and implementing smart living systems and products for disabled and older people are being brought together at a London event tomorrow.

Companies involved in building, engineering, medicine, energy and communications, together with architects, organisations providing caring resources, and bodies representing disabled and older people are being invited to a seminar entitled ‘Smart Living – the way forward for disabled and older people’.

Dr John Gill, chairman of PhoneAbility, organisers of the seminar in collaboration with BIS, said: “There are lots of organisations which are doing splendid work to help disabled and older people lead easier lives in their homes.

“But they tend to work in isolation, producing stand-alone systems, and we see a great need not only to bring such organisations together but to get them to work together on a coherent policy in the provision of smart living systems.

“We want our delegates to be aware, too, of advances in this area taking place in other countries.

“With the proportion of older people increasing year by year we need to take a really good hard look at how we can improve living for older people as well as the disabled.

“Not only is it a moral duty for all of us to consider this challenge but it is also a good objective for go-ahead businesses. One should bear in mind that good design for disabled and older people is frequently good design for everyone.”

The event takes place on Tuesday, June 15, at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills [BIS] at 1, Victoria Street, London.