apple_mainA FABULOUS new dessert apple variety for courtyards and small gardens is launched this autumn and we have six worth £25.90 each to win, plant and enjoy.

Fruit breeders Lubera have called their new tree Redini ‘Cuckoo’ because, during the breeding, the variety was like a cuckoo in the nest – it appeared where it was not planned or intended.

However, it was quickly realised that this variety has many qualities. Lubera reckon it is the world’s first really tasty, red-fleshed, red/pink-flowering columnar apple which is tolerant of the fungal disease scab.

As a columnar tree Cuckoo can be grown in limited spaces, reaching a final height of 2m-3m (6ft-10ft) and width of 60cm-80cm (2ft-2ft 8in). It is beautiful as well as productive, producing stunning red-pink blooms in April and May, and is ready for harvesting in August or September.

The taste is tangy yet sweet. Lubera state that Cuckoo is not self-fertile but is readily pollinated by other apple trees blooming at the same time within 300 metres.

To enter the competition, answer this question: What colour are the blooms of Cuckoo?

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