airplaneDISABLED people are still receiving a second-rate service from the air travel industry, more than two years after new EU regulations were brought in to combat discrimination.

A new report by the Trailblazers campaigning network found many young disabled people faced problems across the tourism industry, including extra costs, poor access information and disability awareness and a shortage of accessible hotel rooms.

More than 200 young disabled people took part in a survey for the All Inclusive? report, with many raising concerns about the inaccessibility of hotels, airlines, tourist attractions, travel agents and travel websites.

More than half said the inaccessibility of aircraft had a major impact on their choice of holiday destination.

A CAA spokeswoman said the report concluded that the regulations had improved the experience of disabled people when travelling by air.

However, the CAA feels further improvements are possible, and is driving them by working with stakeholders including disability groups and the aviation industry to develop best practice guidance for industry and to consider ways of increasing consumers’ awareness of their rights.”