MEMBERS of the Restricted Growth Association have unanimously voted to campaign for an end to “midget” being used as a descriptive term for any person with restricted growth.

Restricted growth is defined as having a final height of less than 4’10”.

RGA member Stephanie Birch, said:

“Many of our members are deeply affected by the term ‘midget’, which is used to ridicule and dehumanise people with a disability. People with restricted growth conditions consider this term to be grossly offensive and do not want to be called it anymore.”

Most children with restricted growth are born to parents without a restricted growth condition.

The RGA campaign follows a similar campaign being led by the Little People of America.

Dr Tom Shakespeare, a research fellow at Newcastle University, said:

“Midget is a term of abuse. It is inaccurate and outdated and should be relegated to the history books. People with restricted growth are entitled to the same respect and dignity as other minority groups.”