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Nicki – the Scouse ghost buster!

NICKI Cummings is helping to prove that being a wheelchair user is no barrier to life – or even a paranormal life!

She joined brother Chris and fellow investigator Adam Billing on a socially-distanced ghost hunt involving fairies, demonic voices and a thousand-year-old “haunted” oak.

Nicki, 47, who was born with spina bifida and has spent her life in a wheelchair, took part in the first episode of a new YouTube channel, Haunted Scouse, following ghostly goings-on in and around Liverpool.

Despite admitting at one point, “my heart’s racing”, Nicki enjoyed her first taste of ghost hunting in Liverpool’s Calderstones Park.

There, the trio’s investigations took them to the site of the Allerton Oak, thought to have been the meeting place for a medieval court and subject, according to Chris, to stories of pixies and fairies.

Chris said: ”Nicki was amazing throughout the episode. Very brave being completely alone for 20 minutes in the pitched black. She loved every minute and will be back out with Haunted Scouse again in the future.”

Meanwhile, Chris’s mission to show how anyone can enjoy an interest in the paranormal continues – he hopes to introduce daughter Grace, 13, who has severe learning disabilities and is autistic, to ghost hunting on a junior episode of the show.

He added: “Anybody can ghost hunt. All you need is a bit of courage and the ability to scream!”

PICTURED: Nicki (top), and above with Grace, Chris, and Aunty Sue

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