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Faster calls

PHONE users with hearing and speech impairments are to benefit from new proposals from Ofcom.

OUT NOW! Your free All Together NOW! paper

THE presses have rolled with the spring edition of your free and favourite All Together NOW! paper.

Otto Bock on marks for Paralympics 2012

A TEAM of top technicians from one the world’s leading healthcare companies, Otto Bock, will be on hand to help all 4,200 athletes at next year’s Paralympic Games.

No more squinting at small print . . ?

FEEL like you’re getting old simply because you need to squint to see the small print or can’t properly hear a signal coming from your new computer?

Cuts may lead to more child deafness, says charity

The boss of Deafness Research UK, Vivienne Michael, has sounded a warning over plans to drastically reduce the numbers of children receiving grommets for glue ear - a condition that can lead to deafness.

Watchdog to look at mobility aids market

The Office of Fair Trading is to launch a market study into mobility aids - examining whether consumers are well informed and treated fairly, and whether the industry is competitive.
Wii games

Wii games to help stroke victims

COMPUTER games' technologies, such as the Nintendo Wii Remote, could be used to help people with aphasia - a language impairment, commonly caused...

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