Time to start a healthier lifestyle

A NEW campaign is under way to encourage millions of adults to kick start their health and reduce their risk of serious illness, including COVID-19.

Increase in epileptic seizures during lockdown

MORE seizures, more stress and appointments being cancelled are among the challenges faced by young people with epilepsy during the pandemic, the charity Young Epilepsy has found.

New guidelines will benefit Down’s syndrome pupils

NEW guidelines have been released to ensure pupils with Down’s syndrome are being offered the best education in schools.

Thousands of disabled self-employed missing out on ‘pandemic support’

AT LEAST 50,000 disabled people who became self-employed last year are missing out on Government funding during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor’s new head of race taskforce team

LIVERPOOL City Council has appointed its first chair of a taskforce aimed at improving race relations across the region.

New evidence helps people at risk of rare side effect of statins

RESEARCH suggests that a small minority of people taking statins to reduce their risks of heart attack and strokes could be more susceptible to myopathy, a rare and painful muscle condition.

Clear masks, please, to help lipreaders

THE Government is being urged to make the wearing of CLEAR face masks compulsory for all shoppers and businesses to help deaf people who rely entirely on lipreading.

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