Charity’s fight to conquer ‘hallucination’ syndrome

BLIND charity Fight for Sight is urgently calling for more funding to be invested into vital research for Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which is often confused with the onset of dementia.

Bandits take Land’s End by storm to beat motor neurone disease

THE PILGRIM Bandits rode into Land’s End with a very special plea – “help us beat Motor Neurone Disease”

Blood vessel project gets a healthy boost!

SCIENTISTS aiming to make grafted blood vessels more resilient have been awarded a grant of over £145,000 by national charity Heart Research UK.

‘Joined-up strategy on alcohol will save lives’

A JOINED-UP strategy on alcohol is needed to save lives, the British Liver Trust has told the Government.

New brain studies challenge conventional ideas about deafness

NEW studies suggest the brain works better if it has access to all sound, challenging the conventional way in which many traditional hearing technologies attempt to support hearing loss.

Reversing diabetes – the Dutch way . . .

LIFESTYLE changes could be a possible way to reverse Type 2 diabetes, say Dutch scientists. In a study published today in the BMJ Nutrition Prevention...

Plant-based diets lower blood pressure – even with a bit of meat!

A PLANT-based diet can lower blood pressure – even if small amounts of meat and dairy are consumed, too, according to new research.

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