Nathalie gets veterans into the world of racing

THE world’s only female tetraplegic racing driver has her sights set on giving injured ex-servicemen and women a long-term career in motorsport, alongside disabled drivers.

Ben beats the odds to get people active

HAVING a degenerative visual impairment, and being an avid gym goer, Ben Andrews is fully aware of the barriers disabled people face in keeping...

Please help disabled shoppers

SHOP workers and car park bosses are being urged to remember the law – and be more helpful to disabled shoppers as further measures are taken to ease the lockdown.

Open these public toilets now

PEOPLE with Crohn’s disease and colitis are pleading with the Government and local authorities to open all public toilets.

Safety screens fitted to some Liverpool taxis

SAFETY screens aimed at reducing the spread of coronavirus are being fitted between the front and rear seats of some of Liverpool's taxis.

Tips for people with sight and hearing loss

NEW tips and advice to help people with sight and hearing loss have been produced by Deafblind UK.

Time to be positive, says round-the-world endurance cyclist Josh

ROUND-the-world endurance cyclist Josh Quigley, 29, knows what it's like to face adversity. Severe bouts of depression led to him trying to take his own life. Thankfully, he is finding a way through it all ...

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