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New brain studies challenge conventional ideas about deafness

NEW studies suggest the brain works better if it has access to all sound, challenging the conventional way in which many traditional hearing technologies attempt to support hearing loss.

Reversing diabetes – the Dutch way . . .

LIFESTYLE changes could be a possible way to reverse Type 2 diabetes, say Dutch scientists. In a study published today in the BMJ Nutrition Prevention...

Plant-based diets lower blood pressure – even with a bit of meat!

A PLANT-based diet can lower blood pressure – even if small amounts of meat and dairy are consumed, too, according to new research.

Coronavirus – catastrophic for brain injured

By Ipek Tugcu, a Senior Associate in the Brain Injury Team at Bolt Burdon Kemp THE impact of Covid-19 on neurorehabilitation is likely to be catastrophic to brain...

Brain training brings new skills for people with Down’s syndrome

CONTRARY to previous thinking, researchers have found that cognitive function in people with Down’s syndrome can be improved. A team of scientists at Aristotle University...

‘Holy Grail’ discovery to prevent disability in multiple sclerosis

SCIENTISTS have made what they describe as a 'Holy Grail' discovery to protect nerves from damage and prevent disability in multiple sclerosis (MS)

GPs told to stop prescribing opoids for chronic pain

GP's are being told to stop prescribing opioids for chronic pain after new evidence shows that they're 'harmful' and cause addiction.

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