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New guidance for epilepsy and learning disabilities

NEW guidance to improve epilepsy treatment for people with learning disabilities is being launched on a Royal Society of Medicine webinar next Tuesday.

New mouth spray could ease painful skin blisters

A NEW spray for treating severely painful blisters, mouth ulceration and oral scarring in patients with a rare genetic skin condition is being developed...

Ten possible benefits of Vitamin D

VITAMIN D is all over the news, with medical studies taking place worldwide to determine the extent of its effect on Covid-19 patients. So what are the benefits of vitamin D?

City wants YOUR views on health services

LIVERPOOL's health chiefs want to know about residents' experiences of health services during the pandemic.

Autism diagnosis: a dangerous wait for girls

GIRLS living with autism often have to wait more than three years for a diagnosis – with some self-harming and even attempting suicide, says Cathy Wassell, founder of the Autistic Girls Network.

Stroke patients defy the odds, despite being given no hope

PEOPLE who suffer strokes are wrongly being told their recoveries would be limited to within the first year.

Young people with Crohn’s & colitis need more mental health support

YOUNG people who experience severe Crohn's and colitis symptoms are more likely to experience poor mental health, and need extra support, says a new study.

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