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Homeless shock

BRAIN injury could affect almost half of homeless people and may contribute to the risk of people becoming homeless in the first place, says a study by The Disabilities Trust.

The young failed by their families

THE discrimination faced by young people with mental health problems frequently comes from those closest to them.

£13m boost for mental health in Cumbria

CUMBRIA County Council is providing nearly £1m of funding to 43 new projects throughout the county aimed at supporting local people with mental health issues.

A mum’s touching moments

THE healing power of touch has transformed family life for mum Paula West.Paula has a six-year-old son with multiple special needs who finds it...

NHS failining on mental health, report claims

THE NHS is failing to offer people with mental illness a full choice of psychological counselling and therapies, says a new report from the Centre for Social Justice.

Laugh – you’ll feel smiles better

FEELING stressed out? Take a moment to relax, breathe deeply and think of the last funny thing you saw or heard. While those around...

Autistic artists get a chance to shine

ACTRESS Jane Asher and TV presenter Gaby Roslin are urging young artists with autism to enter a prestigious national competition.