Health news

Finger-pricking good! Hi-tech health awards

A FINGER prick blood test monitor that helps chemotherapy patients manage their treatment, software that turns physiotherapy into video games, and a collection of clothes that heighten or mute senses to help people affected by autism are amongst the winners of the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017.

Yellow House opens doors for young people

HUNDREDS of young people with mental health problems are to be given the chance to get involved in theatre and films.

Lyn’s new Parkinson’s film helps children

A NEW film is helping teachers and health professionals to better understand the issues that can affect children whose parents live Parkinson’s disease.

The robot you could soon be taking to bed

A SLEEP support ‘robot’ has won an international innovation award.

Breathe better, sleep better, says ‘sleep guru’ Anandi

HAVING trouble sleeping? Here’s a book that just might help.

New website aims to ‘revolutionise’ disabled people’s lives

HEALTHCARE entrepreneur David Lynch has launched a new online venture he hopes will revolutionise how people with disabilities can live a fuller life. Named after...

Amputees wanted for new research at Roehampton

AMPUTEES are wanted to take part in extensive new research to help understand and improve movement for people with below-the-knee amputations.