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Gympanzees to the rescue!

FUN ways to keep disabled children fit and active while at home have been devised by national charity Gympanzees.

BAME deaths not only due to underlying health issues

THE world's largest study on death due to Covid-19 has found that people of Asian and Black ethnic origin are at a higher risk – but, contrary to prior speculation, this is only partially attributable to pre-existing clinical risk factors or deprivation.

Needs health advice? Don’t delay!

LIVERPOOL readers are being advised not to delay getting help for any health issues they might have, and to continue using services such as cancer screening and care, maternity appointments and mental health support.

CORONAVIRUS: Info at your fingertips

AN online portal and dedicated social media feeds about coronavirus have been set up by Liverpool City Council and local health chiefs.

Facing 60 – and riding the crest of a wave

GERRY CORNER on achieving peace with himself after years of depression, fears and anxiety . . . 

Look after your liver – before it’s too late

PEOPLE who are only diagnosed with liver disease after being admitted to hospital as an emergency will be dead within a year,  a shock report reveals.

The painbusters helping amputees

AMPUTEES who suffer from phantom limb pain could have their agony eased thanks to a new device that avoids the often unaffordable cost of treatment.

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