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Time to start a healthier lifestyle

A NEW campaign is under way to encourage millions of adults to kick start their health and reduce their risk of serious illness, including COVID-19.

Increase in epileptic seizures during lockdown

MORE seizures, more stress and appointments being cancelled are among the challenges faced by young people with epilepsy during the pandemic, the charity Young Epilepsy has found.

New evidence helps people at risk of rare side effect of statins

RESEARCH suggests that a small minority of people taking statins to reduce their risks of heart attack and strokes could be more susceptible to myopathy, a rare and painful muscle condition.

Coeliac disease: simple blood test now available for some adults

A SIMPLE blood test can now help to diagnose people over 55 who suspect they may have coeliac disease - an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks itself.

Millions needed to get stroke research back on track

THE UK’s leading stroke charity is warning that research that could help people to rebuild their lives faces a long-term threat due to coronavirus pandemic

Scientists discover way to stop spread of devastating childhood cancer

RESEARCHERS have made an important breakthrough that could lead to 'kinder' treatments for children with bone cancer, and save lives.

Wedding bells now for Sophie after revolutionary leukaemia treatment

SOPHIE Mulligan has fought off cancer three times – and is now planning her dream wedding after receiving revolutionary CAR-T cell therapy at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

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