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Photographer Joanne re-focuses her career

AFTER being left fighting for her life, photographer Joanne Keepe is embracing a new future, coming to terms with disabilities and building a new career.

New guidelines will benefit Down’s syndrome pupils

NEW guidelines have been released to ensure pupils with Down’s syndrome are being offered the best education in schools.

University’s tips for online learning

COVID-19 is forcing universities to switch to online teaching. But it’s likely to have a profound effect on all students – especially on those with disabilities is particularly complex and varied. Experts at the University of Law (ULaw) offer a few tips . .

Free ‘sign at home’ courses for parents

FAMILIES across England are learning British Sign Language in the comfort of their own homes with free online classes.

City schools will only open for some pupils

SCHOOLS in Liverpool will only be open to the pupils of key workers and vulnerable children from the start of June.

The 200 year history of first blind school

THE fascinating, 200 year-old story of the UK’s first school for blind people is being told in a new exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool.

Steve Morgan Foundation to the rescue!

KEY TO FREEDOM: students and staff at Activate ALL ABOARD. All smiles – and no wonder! For years, Activate special needs college in Kirkby have had...

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