Vital care withdrawn for disabled families

DISABLED children and their families have had vital care and support withdrawn during the coronavirus pandemic, according to an extensive survey by more than 70 disability charities.

How Hamble is helping me through the lockdown

KELSEY SHERIDAN is one of the 1.5 million people who have been advised to stay home and shield themselves during the pandemic. But she’s not alone – and she’s getting plenty of help . . . from red fox Labrador, Hamble. Here’s her story …

If YOU had just one wish . . ?

CAR GIANT Toyota asked three disabled writers to stretch their imaginations to the limit to help their engineers come up with better ways of helping paralysed people move around . . .

Jamie’s super static bike ride for friend, Rob

WHEN university lecturer Jamie Mosley heard that his friend, Rob Burrows, had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease he got on his static bike and peddled, and peddled and peddled – for 30 hours!

Expert help to get you through the crisis

WORRIED about alcohol consumption and the rise of binge drinking during the pandemic? Psycotherapist Noel McDermott provides some simple measures to follow for those concerned about themselves or loved ones.

Heartache . . . and kindness . . .

Happier days .. Neil, Leon and Claire by TOM DOWLING, editor NOT a day goes by without some sad and heartbreaking news about how Covid-19 is...

We need urgent help, say charities

SOME of the UK's major disability charities – and many smaller ones –could face closure unless they get immediate Government help.

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