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Disabled people continue to live in poverty

ALMOST half of all people in poverty are either disabled or live with someone who is disabled, says a new study.

Unpaid carers to start getting Covid-19 jabs

FROM tomorrow unpaid carers will begin to be called forward for their first Covid-19 vaccinations.

Life-saving help for carers

A MAJOR new project aims to save lives by helping carers recognise ill health in people with learning disabilities and autism. They are more prone...

Carers left to care alone without support this Christmas

UNPAID carers looking after disabled and seriously ill relatives say they are facing a bleak holiday, with the majority telling Carers UK they have gone so long without support this year they don’t expect Christmas to be any different.

Dame Judi and Rory back respite centres

ACTORS Dame Judi Dench and Rory Kinnear have teamed up to help the charity that runs Southport's Sandpiper's respite care.

How private capital is helping to improve the lives of vulnerable people

GUEST BLOG . . . By Max Shenkman Head of Investment at Triple Point Social Housing Real Estate Investment Trust ARE WE doing enough to...

Carers need more money NOW!

UNPAID carers who are looking after loved ones are demanding more financial help from the Government.

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