motor_mainTHERE’S plenty for disabled drivers to get excited about this month. The Mobility Roadshow returns to Donington Park (June 25-27) – and there’s good news for those with a disability wanting to become a driving instructor.

One of the new changes announced this week is to scrap the out-dated title ‘disabled driving instructor’. Instead everyone taking on the role will be known as an approved driving instructor (ADI).

People with a disability will also no longer have to take an additional test to prove they can handle a vehicle in an emergency situation.

The ADI Registrar will, however, be able to make any instructor take the test, known as an Emergency Control Assessment, if they believe that there is a need for one for safety reasons.

Other changes mean that people with a disability, whose licence is restricted to driving automatic cars only, will no longer be prevented from giving paid instruction in a manual vehicle where the trainee holds a full licence, for example, post-test driving courses such as Pass Plus.

This is not, however, the case for teaching learner drivers and disabled instructors will continue only to be able to instruct in an automatic vehicle to this class of learner.

The requirement to declare any disability for anyone applying to become a driving instructor will remain, as is the Registrar’s right to revoke a trainee licence, or remove an ADI from the Register if they believe any of these conditions are not being met.