Sound advice from Dr Simon Bowers

LIVERPOOL readers are being advised not to delay getting help for any health issues they might have, and to continue using services such as cancer screening and care, maternity appointments and mental health support.

If you need medical help you should still contact your GP practice, use NHS 111 online, or call 111. If you’re told to go to hospital it’s important that you go.

Seeking medical help is one of the four reasons that people can leave home, in line with current Government guidance.

Measures are in place to allow people to get care safely.

Liverpool GPs Dr Fiona Lemmens and Dr Simon Bowers have recorded some short videos to explain more – you can watch Fiona’s video here, and watch Simon’s video here.

You can find out how to contact health care on the CCG website here.

Emergency Care

It’s really important that for emergencies like suspected stroke or heart attack you call 999 straight away. With conditions like this every second counts – so don’t delay.

Urgent care and advice

If you need urgent care or advice about a medical condition you can still use NHS 111 (call 111 if you can’t get help on-line), or contact your GP practice for help. For BSL use this video interpreter service for NHS111. Whether you are concerned about a new health problem, or you have a long-term condition and your symptoms get worse, don’t put off getting in touch.

Routine care and appointments

Please use other vital services as normal, such as cancer screening and care, maternity appointments and mental health support.

Children’s services

If your child is unwell and you’re worried, please get in touch with your GP, use NHS 111, or in serious cases, take them to hospital.

Children are less likely to become very unwell with COVID-19 than adults, but they do get sick – and when that happens, it’s important that they get the care that they need quickly.

Mental Health

For mental health support, contact your GP or key worker if you have one, and continue to use your mental health services as usual.

If you or someone you know needs help urgently or is in a crisis 24/7 help is available

Adults – see the information here on NHS Mersey Care’s update page – services are listed alphabetically, see under Urgent Mental Health Support and Psychologicall Support Line and Talk Liverpool.

Children &Young People – see information on mental health support and for crisis support 24/7.

Community and other support

Lots of support is available in the community and many shops are arranging deliveries too. You can find out about these services at the Liverpool Healthwatch Livewell website.