HAPPY CHRISTMAS: Cathy and Edward Nugent, winners of our Park hamper competition

GRANDMOTHER of five Cathy Nugent was so surprised when we called to tell her that she was the lucky winner of our top-of-the range Park Empire hamper competition, that she thought someone was playing a joke on her.

“It’s incredible . . . unbelievable,” she exclaimed.

“I’ve never won anything in my life, not even when I went to bingo: it was always my friend who won.

“It will take me all day to come down from cloud nine. It’s just wonderful news.”

Cathy, together with husband Edward, a retired postie, from Clough Road, Speke, and the families of their two sons, will certainly have a Christmas to remember.

“Our Christmas has already started,” said Cathy. “The family is so excited. They’ve checked out the amazing contents of the hamper on the All Together NOW! website.

“It’s the best news of the year!”

Cathy, who delivered meals on wheels for many years, is a regular reader of                    All Together NOW!, and first discovered the newspaper when she accompanied an elderly neighbour to receive treatment at Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre.

“I picked up a copy for something to read while my neighbour was treated,” she recalled.

“I found so many interesting articles and so much information. I popped it in my pocket when we were leaving so that I could finish reading it at home. Since then I make sure to call into the centre every time a new edition comes out.

“As someone with a disability I appreciate how much information is in the paper.

“I really think that everyone should read it, there are so many articles that can help with all sorts of issues, and so many positive stories.

“It’s a great newspaper and it’s free, and for the many vulnerable people who don’t have access to a computer, this makes  All Together NOW! even more special.”

Chris Houghton, chief executive of Park, said: “We are delighted for Cathy and her family. The competition was hugely popular. We wish everyone who took part a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”