handbikersMAIN)A TEAM of handbikers completed a five-day, 200-mile Hull-Manchester ride, raising funds for the cancer charity set up by the former St Helens rugby legend, Steve Prescott.

The nine-man team, which included wheelchair users and able-bodied members, all used manual or hybrid/electric Batec handbikes, which transform ordinary wheelchairs into hand-powered tricycles.

Participants included rugby players whose careers were cut short by injury, as well as a severely injured former soldier, alongside a doctor, comedian and businessman.

The event was organised by Jimmy Gittins, a former professional Rugby League player whose own career was ended by a life-threatening neck injury.

Jimmy said: “It was a fitting tribute to Steve’s memory and the legacy of his fundraising work. It was a hard five days, but everyone came through, raising thousands of pounds for a specialist cancer hospital and for rugby league players who’ve suffered life-changing and career-ending injuries.

“The Batec handbikes were absolutely invaluable, and we simply wouldn’t have been able to complete the gruelling journey without them

“Several of our team members have serious spinal injuries which limit upper body strength, and the electric assistance on the hybrid models provided the assistance we needed to tackle the steepest Pennine climbs.”

The handbikes were provided by Widnes-based Cyclone Technology.

Steve Prescott Foundation