FUN ways to keep disabled children fit and active while at home have been devised by national charity Gympanzees.

“Covid-19 has made the families of the UK’s 1.1 million disabled children and young people extremely fearful, causing them to be more isolated than normal,” says Stephanie Wheen, CEO and founder of Gympanzees.

For the past two years the charity has set up ‘Pop-Up’ facilities during Easter and summer holidays in Bristol. But the lockdown has led to them to create a new website with lots of fun ideas to keep children fit and healthy.

Stephanie Wheen, a fully trained physiotherapist, adds: “We were devastated at having to cancel the Pop-Ups. For the majority of the families that visit, this is a hugely valuable service that they look forward to all year. So launching Gympanzees Our Home has provided the ideal alternative.

“The benefits for the children, their parents and their siblings are huge. Not only is there the physical and mental relief, but also the support for the parents trying to cope during the Covid-19 lockdown – with some suffering mental health difficulties due to the isolation and stress caused by caring for a child with a disability every day.”