pound_THUMBNINE in ten disabled people on low incomes have seen no sign of their financial situation improving in the last year, say national charity Turn2Us.

Despite a recovering economy, the charity’s survey found that almost four-fifths (78%) have struggled to pay for food and other essentials, and nearly half (46%) say that their outgoings now exceed their earnings.

Three-fifths (60%) revealed that the continuing struggle to cover their costs was negatively affecting their health.

And half (49%) expect their financial situation to decline further over the next twelve months.

The new research also examines the financial struggles of households who experienced the onset of disability or illness within the last year.

Seven in ten (71%) of these households say this change to their health has negatively impacted their finances, and as a result, almost half (47%) have been forced to cut back on food, and over a third (34%) have resorted to borrowing money from family and friends.

Alison Taylor, director of operations at Turn2us, said: “Many low-income households are already struggling to afford basic goods – just one change in their situation is enough to push them into real financial hardship.

“That change could be an unexpected bill, becoming ill, bereaved or losing your job. Support is often available through the benefits system but many people are just not aware of the benefits they are entitled to. We aim to highlight the support available, so people are not left struggling without help, at a time they need it most.”

Turn2Us, helpline (for people not connected to the Internet) 0808 802 2000