If you are, or know, a young carer (aged under 18) it’s important that you receive the support you need.

The support available means that young carers:

  • should not have to carry out a regular and substantial amount of caring for a disabled person
  • do not take on similar levels of caring responsibilities as adults

Your local authority should make sure that their education, development and general well-being is not affected by caring responsibilities.

Services and support provided to parents should enhance their ability to fulfil their parenting responsibilities.

Assessments for younger carers

Very occasionally however, a 16 or 17 year old who cares for someone may be entitled to an assessment.

The local authority still has a responsibility to make sure a young carer’s own well-being is looked after and that they receive necessary support.

The local authority should also make sure that a young person does not get trapped in a role as a ‘carer’.