Man holds hands over ears with unpleasant expression.

DO YOU use a hearing aid, enjoy music – and want to help improve the sound quality? Well, here’s your chance.

Dr Alinka Greasley, at Leeds University’s School of Music, said:

“Some hearing aid users experience problems when listening to music, such as a reduction in tone quality, difficulties hearing words in songs, and challenges in live performance contexts.

“However, others experience no issues at all.

“We want to compare the experiences of people with different levels of hearing loss and types of hearing aids, and map differences across various genres of music and musical contexts.

“Our findings will be used to improve access to, and enjoyment of, music.”

Those taking part in the survey, which runs until the end of April, need to have a confirmed hearing loss (whether mild, moderate, severe or profound), wear hearing aid(s) for at least an hour a day (but not a cochlear implant) and be over 18.

A British Sign Language (BSL) version is also available.

The survey is available at:

About 11 million people in the UK have a hearing loss – roughly one in six.