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HAVING trouble sleeping? Here’s a book that just might help.

Self-styled sleep guru Anandi marks her debut in the publishing scene with a new book aimed at anyone struggling with sleep deprivation, insomnia, stress or anxiety – and who want to increase their energy levels .

‘Breathe Better, Sleep Better’ offers a systematic approach with practical exercises to to bring an individual’s whole being back into balance and achieve better sleep.

There are lessons in how to soothe the nervous system and increase serotonin levels, increase vitality, improve digestion, stimulate the circulatory system, detoxify, tap into new creativity, and integrate simple practices into daily life.

Anandi says: “I have been in the health and wellbeing arena for 25 years. After learning these breathing tools in India, I experimented with them further to deepen my own experience.

“Learning how to breathe is largely responsible for overcoming my own insomnia of 15 years.

“If you are ready to actively participate in your own healing journey, the information in this book will show you how to breathe yourself to sleep.”


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