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New Maggie’s dream another step closer to reality

PICTURED from left: Sean Hanlon, Jim Carroll, managing director, Carroll Ltd; Steve Morgan, chairman, Steve Morgan Foundation; Dame Laura Lee, CEO Maggie's, and Alexis...

THE long, long wait for your multi award-winning All Together NOW! newspaper could soon be over . . .

Sport equipment for hire to beat COVID-19

A NEW sports equipment rental service has been set up for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. The equipment includes a range of GameFrames,...

Blind people can now be guided by others outside their bubbles

ALL blind people in the UK can now be guided by others outside their household or support bubble.

Positive new start for Cheshire charity

DISABILITY Positive – that’s the new name for Cheshire Centre for Independent Living.

Parents of deaf pupils ready to boycott schools

MOST parents would not send their deaf child to school if teachers were to use face masks, a new survey shows.

The Florrie able to recruit a youth worker, thanks to Steve...

AN ICONIC Liverpool charity will be able to recruit a youth worker for the first time in five years after receiving funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation.