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WITH the world evolving and changing at a fast pace, life also for disabled people has become slightly less complicated; at least, when they are travelling to – and within – Australia.

Australia is a great and beautiful country to visit – that’s why serious efforts are being made to make it possible for everyone to enjoy what it has to offer.

There is plenty of information online that can help travellers with physical and intellectual disabilities to know how their trip to Australia can be more comfortable and without any trouble.

Upgrade from major airlines

RIGHT from the moment of entering any Australian airport there are a range of facilities aimed at making the trip comfortable for disabled passengers. There are wheelchairs, preferential aircraft boarding, and oxygen assistance. There are also facilities for guide dogs. Major airlines can also step up for their disabled passengers and that include providing for special dietary requirements.

Laws for disabled people

THE Australian government has provided a range of services for disabled people for their daily use when using facilities provided by the government as well as private sectors. The same facilities can be used by tourists with disabilities. Tour operators can arrange trips for people with disabilities during their time in Australia. These are sometimes available at hotels, which are equipped for tourists with disabilities.

Transport facilities for tourists with disabilities

AUSTRALIA has a range of transport that is accessible to be used by tourists with disabilities. Major taxi companies have wheelchairs available, and taxis are able to make the trips of tourists with disabilities comfortable during their stay in all of Australia’s capital cities. Most of the trains in Australia also have facilities for disabled passengers. All types of public transport in Australia are accessible.

Traveling in Australia for tourists with Disabilities

SINCE Australia has made all modes of transport accessible for tourists with disabilities, it is easy for people with disabilities to go anywhere they want. Tram cars are among the favourites of tourists visiting Australia, and people with disabilities can also enjoy this mode of transport that cruises through the city every evening starting from dusk.

Accessible venues in Australia

RESTAURANTS in Australia make it easy for tourists with disabilities. Every city has attractions that cater for disabled tourists. Whether it’s the opera or the zoo, tourists with disabilities will not miss out.

Fun-filled and memorable holiday in Australia

AUSTRALIA is filled with friendly and compassionate people, who help make the time of tourists with disabilities a journey to remember. Travelling with a disability won’t stop you from enjoying the accessible destinations that Australia offers. With so many accessible facilities, it won’t be hard to have a fun-filled and memorable holiday in Australia.